About us

PI Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service, founded on 1 June, 1993, has been developing a nationwide agricultural advisory system for the third decade.

The institution building process took place while one structure changed the other. During the agricultural reform, animal production and crop production decreased significantly. This was also influenced by the emergence of a large number of smaller producers of agricultural products instead of large farms, for which scientific and training institutions were unable to provide assistance. Many citizens who did not have any agricultural education received land ownership and started farming, and a large part of the rural population lacked the knowledge to develop a modern farm profitably.

In such a situation in agriculture, the need to consult and train farmers to improve their qualification had increased significantly. To solve this problem, the Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service was established. The largest farmers’ organizations – the Lithuanian Farmers’ Union, the Association of Agricultural Companies and the governmental institution implementing the agricultural policy – the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania rocked its “cradle” with very good intentions. Under the influence of the founders, the institution harmonises the mutual interests, i.e., it works both as an instrument for implementing agricultural policy and as an institution that meets the needs of individual farmers.

The headquarters of the Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service is located in the township of Akademija (Kėdainiai District). Currently, more than 400 employees work in 46 district and municipal offices. They provide clients with complex accounting, business economy, crop production, animal husbandry, forestry, work safety and fire safety services, consult and train in the mentioned areas.

By meeting the needs of its clients, learning from foreign partners and taking into account the innovation development goals of the European Union, the institution is boldly moving on the path of innovation. Farm management of all areas, farmer information, advising and training processes in electronic space is the today’s focus of the Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service. 




Professional qualification of employees, which we ensure by continuous participation in training sessions, seminars and individual development of knowledge in Lithuania and abroad.

Legislation and research information that we collect together with educational institutions while participating in various projects and working groups in Lithuania and abroad. 

We participate in the activities of international organizations (EUFRAS, AKIS, SCAR) in order to gain qualification and experience, and cooperate with extension institutions of other countries. 

We gain experience and share it with our colleagues through long-term practical activities. 


Services based on Lithuanian and foreign experience and constantly updated to meet market needs and trends.

Implementation and application of working methods and tools (organizational processes in internal processes and working with clients) based on information and intelligent technologies (data exchange with internal and external databases, registers, banks, equipment, precision farming technology).

Development of services and tools for advisers and clients based on knowledge, technology and innovation.


Keeping close and long-term relationships with clients (interest in client activities, results of service delivery), service delivery and personalised advice to ensure long-term client goals, impartiality, non-discrimination and confidentiality.

Collaboration between employees (offices, departments, subdivisions and administration) in providing services and addressing customer concerns.

Attracting partners (research, extension and technology related) to meet high quality customer needs.