The advisers of the Lithuanian Agricultural Advisory Service use the double entry system of accounting because of its wider analytical application.

Accounting services are provided for farmers who have registered a farm, for those receiving or claiming the state and / or EU funds support, and those willing to calculate taxes correctly to obtain bank loans, assess farm performance accurately and make the right business management decisions.

Non-agricultural legal entities can also apply for accounting services at district offices. 

We also provide other bookkeeping services: we draw up initial balance-sheets, check the quality of record keeping, make recommendations and documents for recovering VAT, manage fixed asset accounting, assist in filling in VAT and income tax declarations and submit them to STI, register VAT invoices in incoming and outgoing VAT invoice registers, and help to calculate salaries for hired employees and related taxes.

Customer data security and confidentiality are ensured.

Accounting advisers take full responsibility for the quality of the service – accounting record keeping service is covered by civil liability insurance.