Electronic services


By logging into the IKMIS system, visitors are promptly informed about the spread of harmful organisms in various agricultural crops in all regions of the country. 

This system publishes catalogues of plant protection products, diseases, pests and weeds that help identify a disease or pest more quickly and make it easier to choose plant protection products registered in Lithuania.

It provides an opportunity to consult the specialists of LAAS in an interactive way about the application of integrated plant protection methods.

Another important area of the system is the system of distance learning for farmers and agricultural advisers, and their accreditation and certification. The information system provides the opportunity to deepen knowledge through more than 10 training programs.



Farm Management Programme e-GEBA

The farm management programme accumulates farm data, plans farm activities, manages available stocks, performs comparative analysis, evaluates farm activity results and prepares reports for controlling institutions. Farm data is automatically generated from external data controllers (NPA, AIRBC, etc.).